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2015-06-25 - Reading Accomplishments - 001

To give a bit of background - I used to read considerable amounts. When I was a student, I read between classes and on public transport - life during that point in time seemed to have a lot of 'wasted' time waiting for trains, buses or trams (and classes too) - so I read and listened to music. Smart Phones weren't around at the time, and laptops had shitty batteries, so books were basically what I had.

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2015-06-23 - Devlog - Predators of Scred

Chasing and Fleeing

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2015-06-22 - Site reboot

It's been quite a while in coming, but I've just given the site a complete reboot. The old iteration had an excessively old version of Drupal in place, which was obviously not a great thing.

The lack of updates/stuff here will hopefully be addressed as well. I've been pondering taking all of my stuff and concentrating it into an ebook or something, but I don't think that helps for things that have a topical lifespan. It also doesn't help for the actual openness of development I'd like to show in the future, so hopefully this will be addressed as well.



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