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2015-06-22 - Site reboot

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It's been quite a while in coming, but I've just given the site a complete reboot. The old iteration had an excessively old version of Drupal in place, which was obviously not a great thing.

The lack of updates/stuff here will hopefully be addressed as well. I've been pondering taking all of my stuff and concentrating it into an ebook or something, but I don't think that helps for things that have a topical lifespan. It also doesn't help for the actual openness of development I'd like to show in the future, so hopefully this will be addressed as well.

As for the old site's content, you can access it on in some form I'm sure - I think I've managed to retain some of it, and I'm sure I'll scrape bits and pieces out of it eventually to republish.

Hope you're all doing well,