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2015-08-26 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 002

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I've been pretty fortunate the last fortnight or so to get a surprisingly good amount of work done on QoS2:QQ. Some of it's been surprisingly productive behind the scenes stuff that the players may not notice, but some of it has been very visually indicative.

I've added:

  • The Absorber perk (players continually acquire any gems within X radius of themselves - this can however, cause landslides and other mishaps)
  • New screenmodes - the addition of 1920x1080, which is actually Scale 3 with padding (ie: the Hammerspace Game System overlay that people previously using 'widescreen mode' will know already)
  • Lighting System overhaul to allow for gradients of light
  • New game elements - Apioxys, Honeycomb, Odinite
  • New map elements - Apioxys Hives, Bigskull and Momma Rankler can now be selected from the game setup screen
  • Explosion & Laser refinements

So, we're actually looking very, very good. I'll hopefully write up a little thing on the new lighting system soon, but it actually revolves around painting darker squares rather than adding light. Heh. My wife and I have been investigating some of the settings, and we've now come to feel that there's basically three modes for light: Absolute darkness, Gloom & Bright - with Gloom being the way we feel the game should be played (but we'll let the players set this). Gloom allows for the map to be seen if the player wants to look about, without it becoming too distracting and overwhelming (see the issues we had last week).

The new lighting style also means I've acquired a few tricks, which hopefully I can use for screen transitions - something I've very much neglected in the past efforts of my games (the constructor games did feature window transitions, but I feel they never quite worked out as well as they could have). The new map elements are good for giving the idea of 'stages', and reducing the feeling of things being 'samey'. I'm also planning to add a few that'll help 'shape' the map a bit more, meaning the players are forced into interactions.

The Apioxys were planned for Predators of Scred (which is on hold until after QoS2:QQ is completed), and they feel like a good addition to QoS2:QQ. They work pretty simply - if you don't have any of their honeycomb? You don't exist to them. But damn, if you touch their hive, they're going to come after you. This allows one player to go in and steal some, and the others to plunder the honeycomb when they've flown after the first intruder (I might even make the Apioxys die off after an attack similar to Bees of Earth). Not entirely sure how Honeycomb will fit into the score structure, but we'll work something out. In fact, just thinking about it, I'm pondering a tech item or perk that'll let you teleport Honeycomb onto other players...

Odinite is a pretty simple thing - I wanted a more valuable gem, though I have come to a new conclusion. The new plan is that Odinite will make you invulnerable for a set period of time (hrmmm, which might combine well with the Apioxys)

BAM - have some screeeeenshots!