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2015-09-01 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 003

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Despite being sick, I managed to get some solid progress in this week. While last week's progress was very much about the ingame visuals and gameplay elements, this week was about what I call framing (that is, the elements around the actual gameplay that help the player enjoy it). This week, I coded in Crabbens to commentate the early portions of game setup

Quarries of Scred 2 screenshot showing Crabbens commentating the player selection screen

This is a good way of imparting instructions to the players, but also giving them a sense of the game's environment. After all - it's a game that takes place at QuarryFest 2215, and there's a Crab commentating... that's quite the setting. It also anchors the game back to Seas of Scred, which is helpful in strengthening the brand. Crabbens is pretty great as a choice, because he's got an established fanbase (it's small, but people seem happy to see him out there).

Once the code was in place, I then changed over a few of the windows to be Crabbens quote windows, and I felt this gave a good feel to the game. Currently he appears in the pre-game screens, and the score screen - which also got a significant update

You'll see that the Score Screen got a super colourful update. Adding the Crabbens windows made me realise that I can add a lot more colour to the game while still retaining the look & feel. I also did this in order to help encourage a player to seek out and compare their scores, which allows for a greater sense of competition. By allowing a player to choose a sprite and a colour, then continuing to use those colours through the game, I'm hoping to give the player a sense of it mattering heavily.

While I didn't work specifically on gameplay elements this week, there was still a decent amount of stuff that got put in - two new map areas were developed. One of them replaces the original randomised stalagmite/stalactite generation, and another provides map separation (I'm interested in restricting map avenues, so I'll be adding a fair number of these.

You'll also note the presence of a lower tunnel, which now stands a chance of spawning - this is also to provide alternate routes in case the RNG blocks in people on the lower spawn points. I've also added drop bombs, which are essentially grenades - this means the player can now strike sideways (lasers), downward (drop bombs) and in a timed fashion (land mines). I'll be considering techniques to hit upward soon, since I want to entice the player to move into the lower sections of the map too.

Overall, a pretty damn productive week or so of dev despite getting sick!