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2015-09-16 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 004

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There's been a lot of progress on the game since the last update. Forgive me if I miss anything I've worked on - it's been a long fortnight.

Game Modes

Game modes have seen a bit of an update - a new game mode named Big Gem Hunters has been added, in which players aim to acquire the most gems (regardless of type and value). In addition to this, Mushroom Herders has been changed to Mycological Melee - and players now seek to control either mushrooms or moss as they spread across the map. This change has been prompted by a few different discussions and it plays a lot better. This brings us to the following list of game modes implemented:

  • Last Drone Standing
  • Mycological Melee
  • Pure Credits
  • Big Gem Hunters

Revised mode select screen in Quarries of Scred 2
The following is on the to-do list, we'll see how it goes:

  • Race mode - players try to be the first to get to numbered points on the map
  • Tag - a player is designated as 'it' and must evade the others
  • Queen of the Hill
  • Team LDS

... as well as the overarching tournament mode.


I managed to acquire a second xbox360 controller on the last weekend, and thus was finally able to sort out multiple controllers vs multiple players. At the moment this is handled by config file alterations, but shouldn't be too bad overall. What this means most, is that at Pax Aus in a month or so, I can have several people all playing without crowding a single keyboard. I also retooled a bunch of the input stuff so anyone out of the pool of players can navigate menus, etc - it's small stuff that makes the experience so much better.

Other stuff

Last update, I wrote about the custom terraining I did to allow more special quarries to be generated and an update to the Pure Credits score screen. This time around, I've also updated the Last Drone Standing score screen to be a bit cooler (it shows a list of most recent deaths and the winner), and the Big Gem Hunters score screen (to show a rising stack of gems acquired by the player). In addition to these changes, I altered the player select screen using some new sprite scaling code I wrote (this is also used on some of the score screens), and colourised the mode/options select screens too to bring a more cohesive aesthetic to the menu structure.

Last Drone Standing score screen in Quarries of Scred 2
Revised player select screen in Quarries of Scred 2
Oh, and I made explosions so much more impressive. That's always a good thing.
New explosions in Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers