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2015-09-27 - Devlog - Quarries of Scred 2: Quarreling Quarriers - 005

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First up, Quarries of Scred 2 has a feedback build available on IndieDB:

Preview image of QoS2 feedback build, 2015-09-26 01

Quarries of Scred 2 has now hit approximately 68 hrs of gamedev time, and is shaping up incredibly well. A lot of the most recent work has gone into continuing development of UI - I've changed all the borders & text to brown/grey as opposed to the green that was so prevalent before. This came from the decision that the green didn't vibe well with everything else. I've also ensured that any time a box on screen is associated with a Player, it uses the player's associated colour for the border. This allows players to find information that pertains to them so much quicker.

One of the other things I implemented was the concept of time limits - something that was desperately needed for certain game modes. I've applied them to all the game modes, though the players get to choose what time limit they set - nominally, I feel that 3 minutes is optimal, but newer players will likely want some more time to find their way around, so the maximum is set to 8. This also stems from the fact that if you're playing with a group and 2 of the four players are knocked out, it can be annoying to be left out for so long. The timer is shown in the top left of the screen, and the time itself goes red when there's less than a minute remaining.

I also made these quick images to help players get accustomed to the game quickly at PAX Aus, which we'll be showing at:

Gamepad layout for QoS2

Sign for physics of QoS2

Most importantly of all, the game now has a logo:
Logo of QoS2

Now for some other stuff!

Screenshot of QoS2 WIPScreenshot of QoS2 WIP

Screenshot of QoS2 WIPScreenshot of QoS2 WIP

Screenshot of QoS2 WIP