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2015-12-06 - Reading Accomplishments - 006

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It's been an excessively long time since the last entry, and I haven't read much during this time period either. A lot of this is due to crunching for the QoS2 release, followed by PAX Aus 2015, and then finally due to the burnout period afterward. I'll write a bit about that some other time, but for now there's a few things I have read, so let's push on:

  • Wolf, Gene - Under Hill
  • Akers, Alan Burt - Suns of Scorpio
  • Akers, Alan Burt - Warrior of Scorpio
  • Stine, R.L - You can't Scare Me!
  • Asprin, Robert - Myth-ing Persons
  • Asprin, Robert - Myth In. Link
  • Pratchett, Terry - Small Gods
  • Beck, Jessica - Sugar Coated Sins

So, to start off - Under Hill was a short story by Gene Wolf (who wrote the Book of the New Sun series of which I enjoyed the first part last year), and... it was very unimpressive. It wasn't bad, but it felt like it lacked any form of teeth and I honestly forgot I read it for about a month before I put it onto the list.

The two Dray Prescot books (Suns of Scorpio and Warrior of Scorpio) were pretty great. Mostly I'm just enjoying the setting, though I felt that Suns of Scorpio particularly took it in an interesting direction. The Goosebumps book, was... pretty pathetic, honestly. It's genuinely interesting how the first few books were ok, but the later ones seem to be so unimpressive. Notably, though, this book has a lot of named characters which made it feel very diluted and strange.

The MythAdventures books were really well timed - the message within them was extremely well suited to what I needed when I was reading them (amazing how books do that), and I picked up on far more this read through than I did when I first encountered them (hilariously, I read them in incorrect order, exactly as I did the first read through). It's notable that Asprin deals with his extended cast by basically hiding most of the characters or cutting them out early on. The second book was notable for many narrator shifts and seemed to work well.

Small Gods confirmed the fact that while I don't find Discworld books funny, the characters are really well done, and the concept behind it was also something I'd kept in mind for a very long time. It also made me consider a few things for Arnthak, which is always a good thing. Sugar Coated Sins is part of a significantly long line of 'Cozy Mystery' books, which apparently is a genre of mystery books less focused on sex/violence and more on food and comfort, which I can dig. The author abuses the hell out of the word 'treats', and some of the dialogue was... bad at the start, but it pulled in pretty well at the end.

Considering this list of a handful of books spans 3 months, you can tell I've been either busy, burnt out, or both. I think it's interesting to see how easily I can diagnose myself these days by how much I read - and my charts show a serious drop in reading over the last few months. Something to keep in mind and get back to. I know I can't sustain some of the levels earlier this year (they were impressive!) but hopefully the last few months isn't my normal level.