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2015-06-23 - Devlog - Predators of Scred

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Chasing and Fleeing

Over the last little while (as of writing this, about 39hrs of work), my most recent gamedev project has been Predators of Scred. I'll probably write up a bit more about the ideas behind it at some point, but the main concept is: You play as one of the creatures of Scred's ecosystem, and must devour your way through a procedurally generated map. At this point in time, I'm still not entirely sure what I want the goal to be - I have a bunch of things in place (controls! graphics! cavern generation! a food chain!) but not an inherent thought as to what would best motivate the player beyond eating things.

This isn't too bad, though, as there's a few ideas floating about: Eat everything you can, find a certain point, collect and return eggs to a nest, eat all the eggs, claim as much territory as possible with scent markings you leave behind, etc. Perhaps the game will actually be a combination of all of these objectives, or maybe they will depend on which creature you're using, OR even be seed dependent (ie: on some seeds you must do an egg run, on others you claim turf). I've become infatuated with the idea of having a single game that has different objectives, thus allowing more than one actual type of play.

So, tonight I've implemented some 'Hunting' AI to the creatures - basically, the creatures each have a 'hunt radius' which determines how far away they'll detect prey. If there's prey within that range, they'll move toward it by a square. It's that simple, really. This also keys in with the creatures also having a 'flee radius', which determines the distance at which they'll detect predators... and run away. If two creatures have the same value for hunt/flee radii, then they'll end up chasing each other (though the fleeing creature will not move around a wall, etc so they're quite easy to pin, which I think is quite acceptable). The 'hunt' is lazy AI (surprise! it's what's used for most zombie games), and the flee is the opposite of it, but together and with some values for detection radii, it becomes a bit more interesting.

Hope you're all doin' awesome.

- Kale

Animated gif of WIP of Predators of Scred