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2015-07-16 - 'I want to make an MMO'

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This is actually a reposted entry from my old site (from 2013-03-25) - but it's always going to be appropriate so I need a new link to send to people.

'So, I was thinking of making an MMORPG... it's my first project....'

Hold up. Let me stop you, right there. This is a bad idea. Very, very, very bad. Why? Because if you do this, it will be your last game as well...

Here's why this is a bad, bad, soul destroying idea. IF you:

  • Get the game planned
  • Get the game written
  • You get the network code working
  • You get the content made (this dot point, is NOT insignificant)
  • Get the servers
  • House the servers
  • Advertise the game
  • Get the popularity
  • Build the community
  • Get the community admins
  • Get the in-game admins
  • Get the quality assurance
  • Get the bug hunting/reporting team
  • Get the money to keep your doors open
  • Get the server upgrade due to your influx of popularity

... you still need to keep creating content. Forever.

It never, ever, ever ends. Most of the things on that list? They're permanent, ongoing commitments of resources. You do not want to get involved and/or buried in this.