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2015-07-16 - Reading Accomplishments - 003

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Apparently I've been doing quite well in the reading department since the previous entry, because the list is quite reasonable. As predicted, Dredd vs Death was very, very good - and I've followed it up with some rather good reads.

  • Rennie, Gordon - Dredd vs Death
  • Hosek, James - Total Loss
  • Brennan, Marie - Monstrous Beauty
  • Clarke, Arthur C. - 2001: A Space Odyssey
  • Applegate, K.A. - The Capture
  • Stine, R.L. - Be Careful what You Wish For
  • Priest, Cherie - Dreadful Skin
  • Coleman, Loren L. - Bloodlines

That's a pretty reasonable list. Total Loss by James Hosek is a short story I apparently read before Dredd vs Death that was left off the previous list. It's not too bad, and a bit of a hit against health insurance companies - but overall the ending felt a bit bullshit. I suspect it could've been written a bit better and had a little more impact.

Monstrous Beauty was a collection of twists on old fairytales (eg: Snow White) based upon the idea of the femme fatale/monstrous woman, and I felt these did pretty well. One or two entries weren't as great as the other, but overall it was a good collection.

While Odyssey was a decent read, I felt the end third was... not as great. I'd read up to 60% of the way through previously last year. Shifting from my tablet to my phone, that progress was lost, so I decided I'd reread it from the start this year. The early section with Moonwatcher is pretty fantastic - and while the sections about the space trip make for an interesting read it kind of falls apart at the end.

The Animorphs book was less grimdark than I thought it'd be, considering it involved the conversion of one of their number into the enemy - I've got a lot of apprehension over this series despite the fact it's aimed at kids. It's already shown that it's not afraid to push quite hard. Still, it's working into a very good series (despite how some of my friends feel).

The Goosebumps book was really, really, really predictable and week. I pretty much called both the Chekhov's Gun & twist ending at early stages, they weren't exactly subtle. I've always theorised that GB was ghost written at points - the earlier entries are significantly different in style and much better. Either way, this one does up the 'innocent victim' count.

Dreadful Skin was... extremely good. I wasn't sure on the actual structure of this one as the description I read only mentioned the riverboat, so I thought that the events of the first third of the book were meant to be the entirety - not so much. Though this one's about werewolves, it really doesn't feel cliche.

Bloodlines was a pretty decent MtG novel, but it felt more like a summary, rather than a conclusion to the Artifacts Cycle. Though there's two big deaths in there, they're also characters that are introduced within the entry itself. My wife hates trilogies because the second entry usually feels 'like filler', and this book sort of felt like that at the end. The reality is that there are so many different characters it shifts perspective to, that it kind of feels a bit disparate by now.

Not entirely sure what to read next - I think I'm getting a bit weary of ongoing grimdark though (Animorphs, MtG, Doom, Pliocene Saga and even Foundation just feel a bit overbearing), so it might be time to get back to Enid Blyton simplicity or similar.