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2015-09-17 - I don't fucking want your game idea (really)

There was once a perfectly succinct article on this topic but I can't find it - so instead you get this one by me. Strap in, it's going to get a bit sweary - like all of my best writing.

This particular topic comes up every now and then - sometimes it even includes a request to sign an NDA.

Let's start off with a simple statement: I do not want your game idea. I do not want to steal it.

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2015-07-16 - 'I want to make an MMO'

This is actually a reposted entry from my old site (from 2013-03-25) - but it's always going to be appropriate so I need a new link to send to people.

'So, I was thinking of making an MMORPG... it's my first project....'

Hold up. Let me stop you, right there. This is a bad idea. Very, very, very bad. Why? Because if you do this, it will be your last game as well...

Here's why this is a bad, bad, soul destroying idea. IF you:

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