2010-05-10 - The Keanu Index

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The Keanu Index

Before I begin, I will note that I'm sure others elsewhere have described the following elsewhere. I'm pretty sure there's even an entry on TV Tropes, but it's 3am and I don't feel like being sucked into the time vortex over there looking for it. With that in mind, let's press on

There exist a cluster of Actors and Actresses, who have certain catch phrases that seem to be present in most of their movies - and can usually be used as an index to determine whether that movie is reasonable, or not. If the phrase is there, it's typically a good movie. I first noticed this with Keanu Reeves, and his use of 'Woah'. Here's a quick list from the top of my head:

  • Keanu Reeves - 'Woah' (Matrix, Bill & Ted movies, Johnny Mnemonic)
  • Samuel L. Jackson - 'Motherfucker' (Ok, probably all of his movies barring Star Wars stuff.... and I'm almost assuming he snuck it in there somewhere...)
  • Will Smith - 'Aw Hell NO' (Wild Wild West, I Robot)
  • As a bonus, while writing this and looking for the SLJ entry, I noticed that Tim Roth from Lie to Me, is also in Pulp Fiction. Heh.